BBQRents rents premium barbecue equipment at reasonable prices. For our Smoker or Grill, our rate is $180 per day with each additional day costing $150. For our high-capacity BBQube Smoker our rate is $210 per day with each additional day costing $150. Tax will vary depending on locality.

BBQRents requires a $50 cleaning deposit, which is refunded if the BBQ Smoker, BBQube or Grill is returned thoroughly clean (cooking surfaces cleaned without chemicals or detergents, outside surfaces clean, and ashes or wood remains removed). We can do the cleaning for you for $40 for the BBQ Smoker or Grill, or $50 for the large BBQube Smoker for one day’s use. Cleaning for rentals of more than 1 day are the base rate ($40 or $50) plus $10 for each additional day. We reserve the right to require a damage deposit of $200 which will be fully refunded if the Smoker/Grill/BBQube is returned in the condition received.

BBQRents requires the renter to read and agree to a standard rental agreement before the BBQ Smoker, BBQube or Grill can be collected or delivered. We can provide a paper or digital copy for review in advance of the rental.

BBQRents accepts credit cards (Visa, Master Charge, American Express and Discover) or cash. Credit cards are processed via Stripe online. Checks are also accepted, but the check must clear our bank before the trailer is available, so several days’ advance payment is required. Your payment reserves the equipment. No equipment is reserved in advance of payment. 


We offer two options for transport of our BBQ Smoker, BBQube, and Grill.  First, you can pickup from Alabaster, Alabama on the south side of Birmingham. (If you prefer this option of towing with your own vehicle, you will need a hitch that accommodates a 2-inch ball, a functional 4-pin flat light connector, a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.) Or second, we can deliver to your location and return for pickup when finished, at a rate of $1.25 per mile. (For example, delivery and pickup for an event 10 miles one-way from our location would cost $50.)


We also sell firewood, and our BBQ Smoker and BBQube trailers include a large-capacity box for hauling it. Our $40 load is enough to cook for approximately 8 to 10 hours for our Grill or smaller Smoker (about 30 cubic feet). Our high-capacity BBQube requires extra wood for the dual fireboxes, and we charge $60 for enough wood to cook for approximately 8-10 hours (about 50 cubic feet). Our Grill trailer does not have this wood transport box, but we will gladly deliver wood with the Grill, or load the wood into your pickup bed or SUV (please provide plastic sheets to keep your vehicle clean).

Cancellation Policy

  We will:

  • Fully refund the rental price of a Grill, Smoker, or BBQube provided the cancellation is made for an event over 30 days away, or
  • Allow the rental price of a Grill, Smoker, or BBQube to be applied to another available date, if the cancellation is made for an event that is between 14 and 30 days away.

 No refunds of the rental price of a Grill, Smoker or BBQube are made for events that are less than 14 days away.

Thank you for supporting our local, family business. We appreciate you!

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